For Those Who Expect The World To End On Sept. 26th.

Alton posted this over at and I found it spot on so I’m sharing.

It pains me to say this but so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ have been kept in ignorance due to the dogmas, false doctrines and outright lies taught to them by the many religions and religious institutions claiming to be Christian.

The ENTIRE bible IS prophecy. Prophecy is not only the FORETELLING of near or long term future events it is also the FORTHTELLING or the reiteration of what God has already said and done. This confuses so many Christians. Member the_shootist so succinctly, eloquently and elegantly pointed out both the problem and the inevitable consequence when he said,

the_shootist said: ↑
Their own religion states over and over that no man knows the day and time when the end comes yet they spew this garbage about Sept 23rd and how mankind will be called out on the carpet by God on that day so prepare. It’s all bunk!!! Which side of the story is to be believed?

Yep. That nails it. This is what happens when people spread ignorance which results in confusion. And Christians wonder why pews are empty?!?

You know, not even God’s only begotten Son knew WHEN, the day or the hour, the tribulation would begin. Time after time he told the 12 that it would come and gave them many ways to understand and believe that indeed that time was coming and what signs to watch for indicating that the time would soon be upon humanity, but, sadly, so many subsequent believers fail to adhere to this. If God’s only begotten Son did not know, what makes ANYONE think that Rev. So and so or Dr. Whozits is going to know?!? God said NO MAN knows the hour. What exactly is so hard about that?

Another point of so much confusion is the distinction between the earth (dry land and ALL that surrounds the dry land and composes this physical planet) and the world (what MAN has produced ON this earth to run, rule and ruin humanity AND damage the earth). All Christians or ANYONE has to do is to read and think through the temptations of Christ in the wilderness. The Devil could NOT tempt Jesus with “Kingdoms of the world” unless the Devil had legal, rightful possession and control over those kingdoms. Do you NOT think Jesus, the son of God, the man who had learned and knew the Word of God so well that he could question rabbis by age 12 would know WHO owned this world?

The logical question at this point is “OK smartass, just exactly why does the Devil own and have control of this world?”. Glad you asked! Adam gave it to him when Adam sinned. Adam was THE king of the world. God gave him ALL the power over the world to make it the way Adam saw fit. Why did Adam do that? I don’t know. The bible doesn’t tell me. I can speculate but that really doesn’t do me or anyone else any good. The damage is done. God had to go to plan B which is Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ is NOT done yet. He still has to come and gather the church, let the world fulfil it’s evil and the take the whole enchilada back after we kick ass at Armegeddon. That’s at least another 1007 years into the future so it’ll be a while. Then this world on this earth will be given over to 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel. That’s 144,000 in all. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. There’s no more information beyond this.

So, is the time now? Maybe. It could be today. Could be October 29, 2033 or any other time because NO MAN KNOWS! Are there signs? Yes. The stars and the planets are doing things NOW that haven’t been seen in ages. Some are directly connected to Israel. Other things one must be much more discerning about. Wars and rumors of wars? When has this world NOT been at war some place? The 20th century seemed to be “warmegeddon”. WWI/WWII/Cold war/Korea/Nam/Revolutions in Africa, South America, India. Has knowledge grown? Yes. By orders of magnitude. What about the “mark of the beast”? The technology is here NOW and has been for well over a decade. One world government? Everything in politics is flowing toward that end. Israel is playing it’s role to a tee. Literally EVERYBODY is playing their role to a tee. The path is being made smooth and clear for that man of sin. So yes, time IS short.

For member HardTruth, yes, ALL the wicked, evil, useless people of the world WILL BE held fully accountable at the proper time which is NOT now. 1007 + years from now is when that will happen. Of course, the ones that exist now and in the future will die in the flesh. Most likely they will die a peaceful death in the flesh after a long life so expect to be irritated by them, subjugated by them, despised by them, impoverished by them because they are the children of the wicked one and he rewards his own. After all, this is THEIR world. At the end they WILL BE held accountable and to use the vivid and frightening imagery of God, the lake of fire is reserved for them for their eternity. Their minions, those who never became the children of the wicked one will also receive just judgment from God but their end won’t be nearly as bleak as their worldly masters. Neither will their death of the flesh be so peaceful. Their high rank in this world will become the lowest in eternity.

But, as always, DO NOT believe me. Go read it, study it and understand it for yourself. If you choose to do this I highly recommend starting out with the King James version as all the best concordances and study tools are keyed to this version. A truly helpful and insightful work is the E.W. Bullinger bible (late 19th century and still published today along with his other works). His notes and charts are NOT 100% accurate but are, nevertheless, quite helpful.. For concordances I’ve found Young’s much more useful than Strongs precisely because it doesn’t contain the skewed definitions/comments of Strong’s and his not-so-useful numbering system.



We have done the preparing we can do, so not much to say today. If anything changes we will post it.

How are we doing?

Well what can I say. Neither Marsha or I whine about our health issues. We are totally stressed out right now. We would be fools not to be. But we really can’t leave this building. For me they have, “Special needs shelters”, that they yammer about on the TV when a crisis comes up. I called inquiring 2 days ago. You must register first to be able to use them. You would think it would be obvious when I’m in a powered wheelchair, with a oxygen tank mounted on it.

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Real Quick note….

Levi Cowan, a post grad fellow at FSU has the best and most comprehensive analysis on weather that I know of on the net. I posted one of his video’s yesterday. (below) you can follow his tweeter feed if you want here.  Do you believe he makes it through a ten minute video without one “emm”. in his presentation.

Thursday morning and everyone is in panic mode.

Here it is 10:30 Thurs morning and everyone is in panic mode. There is still plenty of time to get shutters up, and tidy up the yard.  The guys redoing the siding have put up the shutters already, not even giving us a chance to bring in the patio furniture. So now I’m going to have to take the shutters over the living room french doors in order to bring in the furniture.

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