Please read the email I sent out.

I sent out a email to many people. In it I explained that we will NOT be accepting calls and text messages on out cell phones. We do not have cell phones that are text friendly, nor accept email. Sorry I have no need to spend over 100$ a month for something we rarely use.

We have “buy minutes and day’s phones”. Half the time they are turned off. No one has offered to pony up and pay for the latest iGadget, so that we would comply with their needs. We have what we need with out 7 year old phones, and are happy with that as it meets our needs We don’t use them, and probably wouldn’t if we had one. It’s a generational thing, and we have the RIGHT not to play the governments spying game either.

Marsha hates picking at some keys on the phone she has. Her hands are full of arthritis and texting and email isn’t comfortable for her. She also doesn’t use a desktop computer. That is her choice and all should fully respect her choice. Myself I have Macula Degeneration and see double. There is no fix, plain and simple. So my choice is to put out information here in one spot rather than fight with all the different ways to communicate. Do I sound testy? Well hell yes, we live a simple life and see no need to change because of the wishes of others.


One thought on “Please read the email I sent out.”

  1. Hi Dad. I didn’t get the email about the cell phones. That’s the number I’ve been calling to try to reach you. I spoke to Mike & my brother and they shared this web link with me. I am so grateful for that.
    I will call you on your home phone later today.
    God Bless,


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