How are we doing?

Well what can I say. Neither Marsha or I whine about our health issues. We are totally stressed out right now. We would be fools not to be. But we really can’t leave this building. For me they have, “Special needs shelters”, that they yammer about on the TV when a crisis comes up. I called inquiring 2 days ago. You must register first to be able to use them. You would think it would be obvious when I’m in a powered wheelchair, with a oxygen tank mounted on it.

I downloaded the 14 pages of approved government drivel forms that have to be filled out, approved by your doctor, and then mailed in for approval by the State. The website says that approval normally takes 6 months. Typical for people who work (and I use that term  work loosely) in government, and usually weigh over 250 pounds with a huge attitude that they exploit as control over others attitude. I have never encountered a gov worker without one. Plus I’m a white Southern American, so to the bottom of the list I go.

Again I repeat myself. I listed a phone number in the email. Call it and someone here will talk to you. What can be so hard about that?