Hurricane Irma information and Updates on How We are Faring.

This post will be stuck on the top for a few days. Newer posts will follow after until I unstick this post.  So scroll down to check for anything newer for a few days.

Decided to re-open the site to keep anyone up to date on our condition here on a frequent basis as long as we have power and land line service. (DSL)

Currently the house is in the process of re-siding and is vulnerable to serious damage.  I have people working on the project as fast as possible and from dawn to dusk.  Are we concerned, heck yeah we are.

Hurricane Irma is right now the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic. It is going to hit Florida in the worst possible way, meaning south to north, so there is no where to go to be safe without leaving the state. We are well prepared, but that is no guarantee.  Believe me a lot of people will die if and when this storm hits. All houses in Florida can pretty much fair well in winds up to 130 mph, some to 150. But at the numbers that this storm is generating 195-210 mph, everything is subject to fail.

Now on to things more personal. Some of you know my health state but most do not.  I’m on full time oxygen and have to use a powered wheelchair to get around. This has limmited my ability to do many things that I just took for granted just a few years ago. Plus the back has made me somewhat inmobile, along with the lungs now down to 30% of normal capacity. The lung problem is directly linked to mold that we worked with for years before anyone knew how bad it was.

Marsha is also now suffering from chest pains. She was taken to the emergency room 2 weeks ago with a extremly elevated heart rate. But here is the thing. Marsha is a very personal person and I don’t have her permission to discuss her health any more than what I mentioned above.

So that’s all for this post. I will keep adding to the site as the days progress. Please feel free to comment, ask questions whatever.  I promise to answer them as soon as I can.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma information and Updates on How We are Faring.”

  1. Thanks Will. You folks up there pay attention because you will also get some rain from this storm. Say hello to Pam and the kids.

    We here are praying that this thing will move offshore. The less people who are hurt and killed the better. Some people on the net are just praying that it doesn’t hurn them, and don’t have any compassion for others.



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