Hurricane Mathew

Update 03:45 am

It appears that Mathew has sort of re-organized and will make kandfall on the coast of Fla. at the Merritt Island area, Cape Canaveral. It’s almost 4:00 am and I’m going to bed.  All quiet down here now.

OK, it’s 11:00 pm Thursday night and we have been spared much of what we expected from this Cat 4 storm.  I’m not sure why 11 years ago Wilma a Cat 3 storm, really beat us to pieces, and this Cat 4 kinda wimped out.  My unprofessional assessment is that this storm lacked major moisture and could not wind up outside the eye wall.

The storm is about 80 miles off shore. It was expected to come closer to us. It is now just north of WPB and headed for the Daytona area.  We have one more rain band to go through in about a half hour.

NOA has just sent out it’s latest advisory and it is showing it to stay off shore and track up to GA, SC, then looping back around to strike WPB as a tropical storm. Downgraded to a Cat 3.

Anyway, we are safe and thanks to those who contacted us and were concerned for our well being. We believe in prayer, and believe that Our Lord answers.  It could have been a lot worse than this.



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