Nigel Farage Draws Thunderous Ovation At Trump Rally

It was a match made in anti-establishment heaven when Nigel Farage appeared next to Donald Trump at a Mississippi rally last night. One week after Trump tweeted that “They will soon be calling me MR. BREXIT,” the real Mr. Brexit spoke alongside Trump in a much anticipated event.

Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence Party and according to many the chief proponent of the successful Brexit campaign, joined Trump on stage at a rally to draw similarities between the UK’s vote to leave the European Union and Trump’s insurgent campaign. He started off by focusing on a common enemey, President Barack Obama, whom he savaged for urging British voters to remain in the European Union ahead of the “Brexit” referendum: “He talked down to us. He treated us as if we were nothing,” Farage said, and while he declined to endorse Trump, he opined on the US presidential election.

“I will say this: If I was an American citizen, I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if you paid me. I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if she paid me,” Farage said, as Trump’s supporters roared with approval.

Political observers have drawn a slew of similarities between Trump’s campaign and the pro-Brexit movement and Trump has also approvingly likened the two political movements.

Farage’s visit came as Trump trail Hillary in the polls, with the British politician seeking to encourage Trump supporters not to despair, pointing to polling in the UK that hinted at defeat for the referendum to leave the EU. “And actually they were all wrong,” Farage said.

He concluded with the following advice: “if you want change, you better get your walking boots on, you better get out there campaigning and remember, anything is possible if enough decent people are prepared to stand up against the establishment.


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  1. Mr. Farage seems like an interesting fella. It seems as if all the usual suspects are lining up against Trump, which speaks volumes in his favor.

    If I vote, it will be for him, I think.


    1. If I vote, it will be for him, I think.

      Yea…, there are a whole lot of things about him that scare me. I registered to vote this year, the first time since 1964 when I voted for Goldwater. I registered as a un-affilitaded, no party, so hopefully no phone calls or mailbox begging, hopefully.

      I semi-support him, not because I believe he can change much, but way back when the Cafe forum had a area called ‘monkeywrenching’, and that is what Trump is.

      Now the no-Trump people are backing Gary Johnson who is just another RINO. Big wall in front of Trump. If he gets pee’d he might just quit and turn it all over to Pence, he is that volatile. But let’s face it, we can not allow Hillary anywhere near the WH. It would be like electing Bill all over again and haven’t we had enough of Slick Willie or have we forgotten.

      I have finally finished reading “Bloodstains”. What a good book all 2,300 or so pages. What went on in the political scene from 1850 on is replaying right now. Different issues, but not that different. I highly recommend that you read it and even Katie should as/when she comes of age.

      Here is a play that I saw elsewhere. Hillberry wins, gets indicted, dies, or whatever before she is sworn in, the knee grow remains until it is all sorted out, and with the country in revolt that could be a looong time.

      I’ve been real busy, and I am slowing down. Washing machine quit, and I’m repairing it because buying a new one is just not in the wallet. Our super good coffee/tea maker sprung a leak and I haven’t had the time to look at it yet. My desktop went south and I had to but a cheap Asus to replace it. Been spending hours reinstalling some software after a new Win-7 OEM disc I had from before. It came with win 8.1 and had more leaks than a piece of cheese cloth. The old win 7 doesn’t see my network adapter, but that’s OK because I don’t allow Win to access the net. I really don’t have much of a need for Win any longer, just a few programs. So I put in the old HD along with the new 1 T bite that came with it. Bought another 4 gigs of ram to total 8. Reformatted the old drive, installed w-7 then installed Linux Mint 18.2.

      I have to go. Hug the wife and kids, love Jesus with all your heart, and hang on to the safety bar, as we are in for one heck of a ride over the next 6 months.


  2. Perhaps you can PM me more details on that book. The title yields other much shorter books with seemingly different topics.


    1. Washing machine is finally fixed. We had a pretty good electric spike and it toasted three different parts Who would have thunk of putting a UPS on a washer.

      Computer is running fine and is a blazer, but Win-7-1 OEM doesn’t recognize the on board Ethernet device. That’s OK as I don’t want windows accessing the net anyway. Put the latest version of Mint on a dual boot. But for some reason it doesn’t have a proper driver for my cheap Brother HL 2240 printer, and that is my go to printer, as the Cannon is a ink hog. Plus win 8.1 on the other drive won’t start unless I go into this new BIOS that Asus is using and I have to make a lot of setting changes. So I consdering reformatting the newer 1 tb drive (dumping win-8.1,) and using that one as the boot drive with Win-7 and installing Zorin as it recognized both the network port and the o]d printer when I had it on the old drive, If I do that I will mirror the two drives so I won’i have to do backups. It was cheap $310 for a AMD 5500 4 core processor with on-board graphics on the chip. I added another 4gig of ram and that made it fly especially in Linus. The screen refreshes so fast you really need to look hard to see it.

      My eyesight is getting so bad (maccula degenerating) that i’m forced to use a large magnifying glass to see what i’m doing. Hope that there are not to many errors in this reply.

      PS: Something I learned the other day. Win 8, 8.1 and Win 10 add a hdden file to whatever you do that allows MS to read that file when using those operating system. Totally not secure,so if that is what you are using disable internet access and install any of the top 4 linux disrto on a split drive, dual boot. allows you to use either OS, you choose at boot time. I think you would really like using Linux after a few months. Got programs that only run MS you just select it at boot up.


  3. Windows 10 has been gathering “intelligence” since it’s inception. The system is designed to feed into a central supercomputer stashed somewhere. Windows made a very quiet announcement about it some time ago. I have been using Windows 8, but have lots of things turned off and blocked. Sounds like I would be better off scrapping it for something else. I had Windows 7 for a long time, but my hard drive fried on my old laptop and unless I took the time to build a computer or buy a POS built by someone else, I had to go with Windows 8.

    They were pushing Windows 10 so hard they would try to infect Windows 8 systems with a bug that would pop up every five to ten minutes to remind you that Windows 10 was free. Free my foot. It was designed to steal your information and feed said central computer I mentioned above. Some sort of building an artificial intelligence driven network. Corporate spying for government. The idiots know everything about me already and most everyone else.

    You know, I remember reading in the book of Daniel how knowledge would increase. It didn’t say wisdom would increase. To play off of an old adage about being stranded in the ocean on a raft: Knowledge everywhere and not a wise person in sight.

    Thanks for the info on the books. I think that is one where I’ll opt for the physical books.


  4. If you are still running 8 search for Never 10.exe on the web. It is a one time exe that clears out that registry entry that keeps popping up and frees up 6+ megabytes on your drive.

    Any Linux distro, .iso file that you burn to a DVD can be run from that DVD without installing it on your drive. Great way to test different Linux distros. I like mint, but when I first installed it it didn’t have a driver for my Brother HL 2240 printer. After some searching and surfing I found a way to get the driver off of Windows. Real PITA, that is why I’m telling you to run from the DVD first and make sure everything works before you do the install.


    1. Also the hidden file I mentioned up a way’s I learned about when I installed some software to read the SDCard in my CPAP machine. I was warned that I needed to lock the card as read only or Win 8 will put a hidden file on the card and my CPAP machine would no longer work. That goes for any USB device, card, whatever.

      I reinstalled Win-7 on a drive partition on the new machine It was the OEM disc I bought at Comp USA years ago for the old machine. I tried to verify it and it wouldn’t because Win 7 doesn’t see my Ethernet port, so no internet using 7. I called MS and they refused to give me the key to unlock the software. I suppose I could reinstall it every 30 days (nope) as a work around. So I’m stuck with 8.1. Use “Spybot Search and Destroy” to reveal other hidden switches in 8 & 10 if you upgrade. I haven’t installed it yet on my 8 drive, But I don’t allow Win net access, only Linux access the net

      Let me ask you a question. Does your Win 8 install have a drive partition marked [D] Data? Mine does, and I was wondering if it is directly related to the fact that the ASUS machine came pre-loaded with 8.1 If you don’t have it then I will be comfortable deleting it. I suspect it is where the ASUS backup tool stores it’s backup. I won’t run any of those tools until I have a whole day to really bone up on that stuff. Linux is so much easier, except to get the most out of it you do need to learn a little about the the command line, but not necessary for every day use. Windows is the same way, and who uses the command “run” in Win. Should be easy for a young pup like you to learn the Linux command line.If you do you can then repair any OS with Linux tools out there.

      Take care, be blessed, and hug the family for me.


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