Society is going to hell in a hand basket.

From a post at goldismoney member Alton;

It’s interesting I used to associate with blacks much more in the 60’s and 70’s than I do now. Apparently they don’t like me as much any more!?!. Too bad for them.

The civil rights legislation of the 60’s and the follow-on BS that just hasn’t stopped since then has collectively been a violation of our right of freedom of association. Where’s the men’s clubs? Where’s the men’s colleges? Is your DAUGHTER of draft age? Why does my Christian business have to serve homosexuals? I need people to work Saturdays! Why do I have to hire Jews? I need people to work Sundays! Why do I have to hire Christians? I have to have people who will be to work on time when scheduled! why can’t I fire a black man for not showing up when scheduled? I need people who can clearly speak English! Why do I have to hire a Pakistani? Why do I have to sell my house to a Mexican? I need good looking women that meet this height requirement for my Hooters restaurant! Why do I have to hire a stumpy cow? I pay hellishly high property taxes to fund public schools in my neighborhood! why do my children have to get bussed to the poor side of town to achieve a mandated racial mix?

Look, I ain’t a racist. I don’t have a problem with color, unless you’re looking sickly. Ain’t a misogynist. If a woman can/will do equal work then she is worthy of equal pay. I don’t care if you’re a Jedi or if you worship The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Don’t proselytize and be here to work when scheduled. You are welcome in my store regardless of race/religion/gender/I don’t want to know about your sexual orientation, all that matters is that your money is green, gold or silver.

What I do despise is arrogant, parasitic phuktards in government who think they have the ability to tell me WHO I MUST, under penalty of law (translated: are pointing a gun at my head) hire or do business with and extend that even further in telling me what I can and can’t do with my property (zoning laws/no smoking on my property/etc. ad nauseum), again, unerringly failing to protect or support my property rights.

The government has NO authority here. No such authority was granted in the constitution and in fact such authority was expressly prohibited in amendments 9 and 10 in the Bill of Rights. Of course this leads to another topic in another thread which I won’t bring to bear here because NO ONE in government, including the judiciary (USSC) pays one bit of attention to the constitution so any attempts at legal definitions of terms such as “citizen”, “rights”, etc. mean absolutely nothing (see: common definition of “lawless”) in America. The law and the constitution now mean whatever anyone in government tells you it means. Thanks to the us supreme court police cannot be held liable to know the law and, in fact, are not even required to know the law because whatever a says or thinks is the law until such time as it is further defined for the cop by the judiciary. This means that YOU AND I can be arrested or shot for whatever reason a cop thinks is good. Of course, if the cop already murdered you or me it really no longer matters what the cop thought. Like I said, this is another which I now admit to screwing up and unleashing in this thread. Sorry.