Some Facts about RUSSIA the Elite doesn’t want you to know

Does any of this remind you of the attitude within the usa around and about the 1850’s? Let’s replace [Russia] with The Confederacy, and USA as the [Federal Government]. We have the demigods in the usa, and the statesmen in RU.

From zerohedge

Just like the good ol’ days, Russia is now a useful ‘enemy’ being used to justify whatever needed from Washington, whether it be more money for NATO expansion, more spying powers on the domestic population, or more reason to justify the USA’s generally jingoistic, xenophobic attitude about foreign policy.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex – the USA has created a wall of stupidity surrounding the USA via sophistocated propoganda techniques developed over a period of 60 years utilizing advanced technology, combined with bio-chemical layer through aerosol sprays, chemicals in the food, and nervous system manipulation through 1/2 Hz coming from your Television (See US Patent 6506148 here)

The event that changed the global power structure was World War 2.  History, whether business, technical, political, or social – should be looked at through 3 prisms; before, during, and after the war.  Before & during the war, Washington had a clear agenda – engage the US population & American business in the new hot industry: war.  Hitler provided them with an easy villian and a brand; Nazi.  It was the Evil Empire, something out of a b-novel.  It gave America an easy way to paint the world in a black and white brush for the domestic US population that wasn’t aware of how the world really works (pratically speaking, Europeans need to be more clued in and speak 2 or 3 languages due to Europe’s density and wide diversity of cultures).

Here’s a list of FACTS that the Elite doesn’t want you to know.  Everything you know about Russia – is wrong.

  • Russia is 25 years old.
  • Russia, and the Soviet Union, are 2 completely different countries.  They are like comparing the British colonies and the United States of America.  It’s a different system, different rules, different territory, different everything.
  • The United States developed a long term strategy to destroy the Soviet Union – in order to create Russia today (an open, market based economy).  In other words, Russia today is what Washington had planned for during a 40-50 year period after World War 2, spent billions of dollars, built countless missile silos and other hardware.
  • Russia has one of the fastest growing middle classes in the world See here
  • Russia is currently the #3 country ranked in terms of total immigrants in the world, closely behind Germany and the United States.  See here
  • Unlike most of European powers, Russia was not a very ambitious or successful colonial power.  The extent of Russia’s colonialism was Alaska, but this was really just the business idea of some fur-trappers; it wasn’t supported by Moscow very much.  With a few rare exeptions, Russia never ‘invaded’ another country.  Mostly Russia has defended itself from invaders, at least historically speaking.  Even today, Russia’s foreign policy surrounds a ‘defense’ doctrine, not an ‘invasion’ doctrine.  Being attacked nearly every 20 or 30 years throughout history, the Kremlin has reason for such a policy.  Why did every Empire throughout history want to invade Russia?  Because of the nice weather?  No, because of the vast untapped resources.  For a more academic answer, checkout Brzezinski’s “Grand Chess Board” – certainly Sun Tzu would agree, controlling Russia and North America is necessary for real global domination, for a number of geostrategic, logistic, and economic reasons.
  • Russia is an Emerging Market (EM) – Why is it emerging?  Because it’s just starting to build economic systems.  In Russia there’s no class action litigation industry.  There’s no FTC.  There’s no bankruptcy rules.  But all that’s changing.  Change takes time – it will likely be a generation or several generations.
  • The Forex software that runs the algorithmic Forex world, Meta Trader, is from Russia.  Although primarily used outside of Russia, it’s built native in Russian language, from Khazan (although headquartered in Cyprus).
  • Russia has massive untapped resources unlike any other country in the world, most notably but not only oil.  Russia includes 11 time zones and is one of Planet Earth’s most rich and undeveloped land masses, which includes mountains, forests, deserts, tundra, and ice oceans.
  • No one is starving in Russia.  In fact, due to the trade war between Russia, the EU, and the United States, they’re even burning and destroying food if it is found to come from blocked countries.

The list can go on and on.  Do your own research – unplug your TV and see what the world looks like.


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  1. And this from the comments section:
    Russia is a mafia state. Putin is another sock puppet for the international Oligarchs laundering criminal money with impunity. Putin’s propaganda machine has obviously charmed a new generation of useful ones, but what is behind this.

    It’s true that Russia isn’t what most people think. The truth is nothing is what it seems, and the deception has been going on a long time. Russian had already established gulag’s when Eastern Europe was handed over to Stalin on a silver platter. The democide by Stalin and Mao after WWII makes Hitler looks like Shirley Temple in comparison.

    1931, US Congressman Louis T.Mc Fadden:
    “After WWI, Germany fell into the hands of the international bankers. Those bankers bought her and they now own her, lock, stock, and barrel. They have purchased her industries, they have mortgages on her soil, they control her production, they control all her public utilities.”

    “The international German bankers have subsidized the present Government of Germany and they have also supplied every dollar of the money Adolph Hitler has used in his lavish campaign to build up threat to the government of Bruening. When Bruening fails to obey the orders of the German International Bankers, Hitler is brought forth to scare the Germans into submission. Through the Federal Reserve Board over $30 billion of American money has been pumped into Germany. You have all heard of the spending that has taken place in Germany. Modernistic dwellings, her great planetariums, her gymnasiums, her swimming pools, her fine public highways, her perfect factories. All this was done on our money. All this was given to Germany through the Federal Reserve Board. The Federal Reserve Board has pumped so many billions of dollars into Germany that they dare not name the total.”

    Congressman Louis T. McFadden (D-PA), 1931, served twelve years as Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency

    In 1934 Switzerland made it illegal to report information about bank account ownership, which created the world’s first tax haven and international “premier” criminal banking enterprise.

    That same year, Adolf Hitler was made Fuhror of Germany. What followed was the undetermined value for priceless looted treasures were funneled into those mysterious Swiss accounts during WWII, then Russia, China, and eventually the rest of the nations around the world that fell under the control of treasonous sock puppets beholden to something other than the people. The most recent case being Venezuela. The nation was looted and those funds have been traced into EU secretive banks accounts

    Safehaven: The Allied Pursuit of Nazi Assets Abroad
    By Martin Lorenz-Meyer

    One small example in the sea of deception of even recent history is the fact that although Adolf Hitler is routinely labeled (right wing), it was Hitler himself who coined the term (National Socialist German Workers’ party), which was abbreviated to Nazi. Hitler was a socialist, but was labeled right-wing, and that is how history is rewritten.

    What is never remembered, are the Nazi German collaborators within the “neutral nations” and the “allied nations”.

    How Six months before WWII, British Banks gave $9 MILLION to Hitler

    Inside CIA: Lessons in Intelligence
    By Sharad S. Chauhan page 177

    “Neutral nations” were used for money laundering.

    In his book, Chauhan exposes documents from US negotiations with the Swiss in 1946. Those documents prove that the Swiss admitted that knowingly received stolen money and gold from Germany. They assured the allies that is was much more than valuable than previous estimates and that they would allow reparation, but wanted “Sfr$500,000,000 for the goods they had sent to Germany during the war”.

    “Under the Nazis, the German chemical company I.G. Farben and Rockefeller’s Standard Oil of New Jersey were effectively a single firm, merged in hundreds of cartel arrangements. I.G. Farben was led, up until 1937, by the Warburg family, Rockefeller’s partner in banking and in the design of Nazi German eugenics,” writes Anton Chaitkin.

    Standard-Germany president Emil Helfferich testified after the war that Standard Oil funds helped pay for SS guards at Auschwitz, the notorious mass extermination and slave labor camp.

    Bank of England Supported Nazi War Machine, New Papers Reveal

    Bank of England following orders.

    Bank of England Blamed BIS for Funding Nazi’s

    The Bank of England was funding Hitler’s Germany all along. This fact changes the narrative of WWII is so many ways.

    How the Bank of England helped Nazi’s Sell Looted Gold

    Tower of Basel: The Shadowy History of the Secret Bank that Runs the World
    By Adam LeBor

    The World Today
    Tax shelters held drug money from nations such as Russia, CHINA, Venezuela, and Iran. Numerous “high level” officials were implicated in Andorra, along with banks in Spain. It was never revealed in major media outlets that the illicit funds were buying corrupt politicians around the world.

    1999: Russian Mafia caught Laundering $10 BILLION in Bank of NY

    World leaders are shamelessly covorting with criminal bankers convicted of money laundering.

    Banks are complicit with criminals

    Lux Leaks the worlds biggest companies are in tax shelters. (Starbucks, Google, etc., no wonder the media is controlled

    The powerful corporations using tax shelters are proposing NWO global taxation.

    Follow the money: inside the world’s tax havens
    From the Cayman Islands to Jersey, tax havens are busier than ever – a secretive world of offshore accounts and shell companies. Nothing to do with you? Then you win my Hermit of the Year prize

    Canada, another British commonwealth, with drug and money laundering bank connections.?
    Scotia bank managers murder uncovers $14 Million missing funds

    Canadian, drugs, and the Mexico connection.

    Citibank and the $400 Million Oceanografia scandal

    Scotiabank keen on Mexico despite Oceanografia scandals

    How heroin is bankrolling Taliban and al Qaeda.

    Drug shipments off of Africa have “significantly increased since 2009”

    Drug trafficking, kidnapping fund al Qaeda

    By Rachel Ehrenfeld, Special to CNN -May 4, 2011

    Gibraltar is strategically located, and worth more to the British government than revenue from gambling addicts. The fact that the rock has more secret tunnels than roads, is telling.

    Treasure Islands: Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Tax Shelters
    “The real challenge to America’s economy comes not from China – but from the Caymans, the Bahamas, and a whole hot-money archipelago loosely under the control of the City of London. If only as a civics lesson, read this astonishing book to find out the true political constitution of the world.”

    Russian Mafia Laundering Money in Investment Markets in London

    Dark money: London’s dirty secret
    An insider at a Swiss bank warned Britain’s financial watchdogs that bankers in its UK office were offering services that could facilitate tax evasion and money laundering. Did the regulators turn a blind eye? The FT investigates the City’s role as a global hub for illicit finance

    In U.S. Money-Laundering Case, Shades Of Russian Corruption

    2016: Deutsch Bank Laundering Money for Russia

    Cypress Fails to Go After Russia Mafia

    2016: The World’s Favorite New Tax Haven Is the United States (Rothschild Bank)
    Moving money out of the usual offshore secrecy havens and into the U.S. is a brisk new business.

    The criminals are running the show, and they live in Ivory Towes and White Houses..


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