My Opine On Trump’s Acceptance Speech Last Night

As I posted over Here.

I’ve known my wife for over 35 years. Last night was the first time she watched any political convention. She isn’t registered to vote but asked where she needed to go to do so. I told her that the last time I voted was in 64 for Goldwater, and that’s a fact.

I was listening to his speech while reading the text on ZH to see if he wandered off. He did, but only because the prepared words didn’t flow with the moment.

One moment I saw that stood out was when he thanked the evangelicals. He said that he maybe didn’t deserve their support. That was the most humble moment I have ever seen from Trump.

Most of the ten years I spent in the intelligence part of the military was as a aid to a 2 star at NATO headquarters in Europe sitting in the back of the room reading peoples body language for my boss. I’m pretty good at it, and Trump was over the 70% line in speaking and body language his true feelings last night. (my opinion)

Say what we will, I’m convinced that he is sincere, but as I told the wife he is facing a monstrous wall, and getting to the other side would be a huge feat. I doubt that I personally have the will and determination to do what he is taking on, and I’m only three years older than him.

He doesn’t need to do this as he doesn’t need power, like the other slimeballs he ran against, Carson excluded from that comment.

Whatever happens in the next 6 months will definitely be ground breaking. I personally can’t remember as highly charged political environment of two so opposite personalty’s ever. I suspect there will be a lot of strife no matter who wins this upcoming election, and there is a strong possibility that there won’t be one. I also don’t think most of merica is even closely prepared for what could/might/will happen, but they want change, not the BS Barry tossed out in 08. The last person I remember speaking out so loudly against elite mafia was JFK, and we know how that turned out.

So what am I personally going to do? Well I will register to vote as a Independent after so many years. Will I vote for Trump? Yes, I really despise the Clinton’s, especially Hillary. I know too much about the Mena BS (having been personally involved) to ever vote for one of them. And voting for any other person running is a vote for Hillary. It’s time to put our personal petty differences aside, as no-one is perfect.

BTW. When I started this reply I had no idea I would express my side. I usually keep these kinds of things real close.

Stay safe Donald.