Just Wondering Out Loud…

I was just reading a short article over at the End Of The American Dream about prognostications on the republican national convention being a target for terrorist activity.  But there doesn’t seem to be any real concern about a possibility of attack on the democrat national convention.  Why?

I think that most of what occurs in the public arena is for the standard dog and pony show to keep people busy with something to do while policy is being made and put into place.  But, one still has to wonder, why there is no public concern for the democrat convention.

Could it be because their policies fall in line with the so-called terrorist du jour?  Heck, the communist party didn’t think they needed to have a candidate running against Obama for similar reasons.  So why not?


Author: wma2

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One thought on “Just Wondering Out Loud…”

  1. The problem I have with these articles is they ignore that most of these terrorist attacks are NOT gov sponsored. If they want to kill Trump bombing the convention center is a surety. Maybe that’s why so many of the elites have stated they are not going.


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