Well I did it..

Yeah, I changed my mind and decided I still needed a platform to share what I read across the Beast’s Internet.

I gave up my site that was self hosted because I’m just old, and my memory is crap, plus I needed the money that I was spending every year to pay for hosting, not to mention that I didn’t get many readers.  No one wants to read my drivel and doom posts anyway, never-mind the fact that most had Christian overtones pointing out the end is near.

Ya see I have learned that people don’t want to hear what they know deep down in their spirit that our so called leaders are straight from hell and are only looking out for themselves no matter what spews out of their mouths.

Back in the early 80’s the American “thing” was ‘positive thinking’, “EST” or Erhard Seminars Training , of which I partook in 1979.  I wasn’t a follower of Jesus back then but I was searching for answers.  I did take away some good points from those miserable 60 hours of boot camp like training, one of what I needed badly was personal responsibility, or taking responsibility for my actions and going back and healing up the bad things I had done in the past as much as I could.  The thing is “EST” took off and went “corporate”.  It morphed into what is/was called “The Forum” and sold itself to corporate america as a means to keep the worker bees in line and in the rah rah section.  At least Werner Erhard dissociated himself from this new entity that so perverted the 1980’s and wound up calling those days “The ME generation”, which still exists today. You know, the “screw you” I got mine attitude.

Our physical controllers needed to make this attitude the norm in order to protect themselves from what happened way back in the mid 1700’s where the residents overthrew their reign for a 3% tax on the goods that they used everyday. Today you folks now pay more than 45% of your toil just to keep the freeloaders (or as Ayn Rand called them ‘looters’) from starvation. Positive thinking just keeps the dark seedy side of slavery off the minds of those who feed the Satin worshipers.  There is really nothing wrong with positive thinking in of itself, what is wrong is when positive thinkers shout down or shut out anything that isn’t ‘positive’ to what they have been taught by the guru’s of positive thinking, including some of the so called Christian teachers.

As a confirmed “Believer in “Jesus” the Christ, Redeemer”, and no, His last name isn’t Christ, he was just Jesus or Yashua or some other spelling in the language of the day.  Christians so often just use Jesus Christ as His name without knowing a darn thing about history, and how people were named in those days.  So I ask, if they can’t get His name correct, what else are they missing from his sacrifice.

This is just my first post to get this site set-up.  I imagine my close brother in The Lord Will, will add his insight, or I hope he will contribute as he did at the old site.

Just remember I have no memory retention. Yeah I can’t remember exactly what I may have said yesterday,  or even in the past years.  I have no excuse, nor do I offer one.  The medications that I take daily in order to exist might have something to do with that, but I won’t use that as a excuse.


Last thing before i go.  Thank you Michelle for the most wonderful conversation yesterday afternoon.  And amazingly everything worked out well here afterward.  Only His intervention could have obtained the resulting conversation I had with her afterwards.




One thought on “Well I did it..”

  1. Well, I’m glad you “did it.”

    I enjoy the back and forth. I think there is a great deal that, when it happen will catch many believers by surprise because the majority of us have been conditioned to think that things will happen only as we have them pictured in our minds. Ask the first century Israelites how that went for them. I think the Church has set itself up to have a similar experience and it will not be pleasant when it happens.

    Knowledge is increased with people going here and there and hardly a lick of wisdom to be found.


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